About Us

About Us

Some features of Shekhawati Institute are:-

 To promote interaction between the Institutes and the Industries.

 To provide conducive environment for learning by doing in colleges.

 To promote the dissemination of knowledge fostering the innovative thoughts of the Students.

 To empower students living in the rural areas so as to bridge the urban - Rural gap.

 To organize seminars and lectures of eminent professionals and scientists.

 To produce readily employable graduates by imparting industry grade skills.

 To produce industry ready IT professionals.

 To help in updating the Curriculum as per the needs of the Industries.

 To perform such other functions and to carry out such other duties as the society may deem proper or as may be assigned to it by the State Government from time to time.

Aims and Objectives of Skhekhawati Institute are: -

 Campus Placement Mission (CPM)

 Campus Placement Related Skills (CPRS)

 Graduate Placement Mission (GPM)

 Training for Students